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Our deep cleaning experts will scrub the toilets, showers, bathtubs and sinks, and make the bathroom floors and tiles sparkle again. Smaller details, such as door frames, will not be overlooked and will be cleaned with our top-notch cleaning materials.


We will deep clean the oven and cooker, dishwasher, the fridge, as well as all the smaller kitchen appliances, such as kettles, microwave, toasters etc. We will also clean all cupboards and drawers, inside and out if they are empty or the time allows.

A bespoke deep cleaning service in Boca Raton

We offer a personalized cleaning service based on your needs.

Common areas

We will give all hallways, stairs and common areas a thorough cleaning as well. We will remove spider webs, wipe skirting boards, dust surfaces, wipe switches and sockets, hoover and mop floors.


Hoovering carpets and floors, dusting surfaces, furniture, removing spider webs, cleaning windows internally, curtain rails, skirting boards, door frames, switches & sockets.

Deep cleaning Services

Property needs extra cleaning​

If you’re having trouble with cleaning, we can come to your house and bring it back to life for you.

Spring cleaning anytime

Do you want a fresh start? Our team can give your house a thorough cleaning when you need it.

Before or after a party

Do you have an important party coming up? Our team can make your house shine before the big event. We can also clean your home after the party.

Before new baby arrives

If you are expecting a baby, the house needs to extremely clean before the baby arrives. Our team can ensure that your house is in the perfect condition for a great start.

Before selling your property

When you’re selling your property, it has to make a great impression to potential buyers. If the house is in pristine condition viewers can really imagine themselves living there.

With Excellence Maids, your residential or commercial building will be clean, cozy and smelling great

We use quality products

In order to meet the needs of every area of your house or commercial building, we use specific products to deliver the best result.

Excellence and efficiency

The results of our services are simply impeccable. We work with agility, love and care.

We don't leave anything behind

No lazying around! We honor your trust in us and work to let your space completely clean.

Our mission is to take care of your family's environment

We are a company of principles and our focus is to provide more joy and happiness for everyone.

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Why Is It Important To Have A Clean House?

Clean and Sanitize

You can prevent getting sick, allergies or asthma attacks simply by cleaning your hosue on a regular basis. Regular cleaning is vital if you have pets: all that pet fur flying around freely is a problem waiting to happen.

Professional Staff

Cleaning eliminates germs along with dirt and dust, resulting in better indoor air quality, leaving a whiff of freshness in its wake. The kitchen and bathroom usually require special attention, as they are known to be the places where there are more germs in any house.

Comfort for Everybody

Cleaning provides comfort. Living in a well-organized house, where every item has its designated place and you can find anything you may need instantly, is comfortable and nice. Ultimately, you know that’s what you’ll get when you clean and declutter, and it makes you feel better.

Health and Well-being

Cleaning helps you sleep. There is nothing quite like waking up in fresh, clean sheets that smell like meadows (or whatever else you prefer). Besides, if you keep your house in order, you will not have to dread waking up to complete chaos and about a thousand pending household chores.

Why Choose Us?

Insured Company

Excellent Service

Your satisfaction is our goal

Easy Booking. Less than a minute

The best cleaning services

Customized cleaning

About Us

We are passionate about helping people to get their houses cleaned and ready for enjoyment and relaxation. 


Don’t stress about your family health: our environmentally friendly and effective in killing bacteria and viruses products provide a safe clean. 

We take care of your home with the same care as if it were our own.  Choose us because of our reputation for excellence. The homeowners we serve rely on us for detail-oriented, consistent cleaning services, every single time we clean their homes.  Our service is detailing. Our clients always say that it is great the way we leave the house ready for them!

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Nicole Baglino
Nicole Baglino
They did a wonderful job on my move out clean truly impressed thank you ladies so much 🎉🎉
Joselyn K.
House Cleaning
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Amanda was great! She responded in less than 30 minutes from the time I put my request. She was at my house right on time as agreed, brought all the cleaners and equipment needed to do a deep cleaning. I'm very happy with the results and her service.
Lisa B.
House Cleaning
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I have used other services to clean my home the last person that I had they seem to do a good job at first and then they slack off to the point where it was just terrible I had to let her go I have been using someone to clean my home for years so it's not something that I just started doing. This company is the best I have ever used as I have in the past over and over again they just know they do an amazing job I highly recommend them over anybody else
Stefan Y.
House Cleaning
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Excellence Maids have done a great job so far! The team is thorough, friendly, and creates an atmosphere of trust in their work. They are so detail oriented and accommodated our request to use our cleaning products. After they are done the hosue always feels so clean! We look forward to having them come on the biweekly schedule. Highly recommend.
Maria g.
House Cleaning
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Amanda is a very responsible and punctual young lady who is always ready to do a great job. I am so glad that i found them to help me. Highly recommend their service!! Thank you Amanda.
Larissa J.
House Cleaning
Read More
Amanda was very nice and kind. She came did her thing. And I'm very impressed with her work so now she's part of the family. Her work is awesome . And she has a friendly personality . Thanks Amanda

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